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Linking heritage to hope…providing social service ministries which will bring together generations and diverse groups of peoples to promote a sense of family solidarity and reverse the domestic polarization that is tearing the very fabric of our society.” -Reverend Henry C. Gregory III

Community Programs and Initiatives

Male Youth Enhancement

The Male Youth Program, is an African American male mentorship program for young men ages 8-18. The sole purpose of the program is to assist young males in their transition into manhood. This is achieved through one-on-one or small group setting mentoring relationships as well as a variety of activities aimed at developing their socio-economic, educational, physical and spiritual potential.

Supreme Defense Boxercise

Boxercise is an exercise concept based on boxing started in 1992 by boxing coach Andy Wake. It has grown in popularity since the early 1990s with over 1.2 million participants worldwide workout. Boxercise has become popular as a fitness class and also with personal trainers using pad-work to train their clients. It differs from boxing in that boxing is a competitive sport whereas Boxercise includes aspects of boxing training but not sparring. Using focus pads and mitts as the most popular style, classes usually involve group exercise through boxing combinations.

Social Justice Initiative

​Justice is defined as the quality of being just; righteous, equitable, or morally correct: to uphold the justice of a cause.  The moral principle determining just conduct.  The word justice has its origins in 1150-1200 AD from Middle English < Old French < Latin jūstitia, equivalent to jūst (us) just1+ -itia -ice.  Social justice is the distribution of advantages and disadvantages within a society.
The Family Life Center Foundation (FLCF) is an advocate and champion of  ensuring equal advantages for all people.  This is evident in its mission, which is to strengthen and empower families and individuals living in the Shaw community, throughout the District of Columbia and Metro area.  Through partnering with the  Social Justice and Community Outreach Ministry  of the Shiloh Baptist Church, FLCF is able to participate in and support activities and initiatives such as:  Mass Incarceration/Prison Ministry; Voter Education, Voter Registration; Combating Human Trafficking; and Gun Violence Prevention just to name a few

STEM Enrichment

The FLCF formed powerful relationships with several organizations in order to enhance life and academic skills of inner-city youth. The annual Family Life Center Summer Enrichment Program is held every mid-summer in partnership with the Shiloh Baptist Church of Washington, DC. On November 16, 2013 the foundation also partnered with NASA-Goodard Space to host their first STEM Expo