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Linking heritage to hope…providing social service ministries which will bring together generations and diverse groups of peoples to promote a sense of family solidarity and reverse the domestic polarization that is tearing the very fabric of our society.” -Reverend Henry C. Gregory III

Shiloh Child Development Center

Building and securing quality learning outcomes while instilling confidence, self-esteem and a love for learning through an appropriate and creative curriculum designed to meet the needs our children.
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Child Care

Shiloh Child Development Center opened its doors in January, 1958 when Dr. Earl L. Harrison, then the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church, along with the congregation felt the need for providing low cost day care for children of working mothers both of the church and the community. 

The early center, organized by the late Ruth Mosley, opened its doors with an enrollment of one child. Since 1958, more than two thousand children have been served and 400 staff members employed by our program. 

Shiloh Child Development Center is licensed by the District of Columbia Department of Health to serve 68 children, aged 2 – 14, and functions under the auspices of the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. Our Center purposefully and intentionally creates a Christian environment of unconditional love, support and respect for all of the families we serve.  

Our competent and caring teachers work daily to instill confidence, self-esteem and a love for learning through an appropriate and creative curriculum designed to meet the needs our children. In recent years, Shiloh Child Development Center has functioned under the dynamic leadership of the Henry C. Gregory III Family Life Center Foundation (FLCF).  

The FLCF, founded in 1982, is responsible for the development and management of the community service programs that operate through the Henry C. Gregory, III Family Life Center.  This relationship makes it possible for the Child Development Center to participate in a more broad range programmatic thrust of community involvement and resource stabilization. 


We believe all children deserve the best nurturing and caring 
attention we can possibly give. We believe it is important that we have staff members who truly love children and who are concerned about their well-being at all times. We feel that children should be well fed, and that the physical environment should be well maintained, comfortable, warm and safe. 

We believe children learn through play, and that we should maintain the necessary supplies, toys and equipment to facilitate constructive early learning. We believe developmentally appropriate education readiness activities, allow for the physical, cognitive, creative, emotional and social development of the children of the families we serve. 

Shiloh Child Development Center is an active partner in the community.  We cooperate with the D. C. Public Library, Seaton Elementary School, D. C. Readers Program, the Child and Adult Food Program, The SNAP-ED Program, the Washington Association of Child Care Centers, The Associates for Renewal in Education, Inc., the National Black Child Development Institute, the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Council for Professional Recognition. 
  1. Camelia Miller
    Camelia Miller
    Lead Teacher Administrative Assistant
  2. Cynthia Pelzer
    Cynthia Pelzer
    Food Coordinator/Teacher Assistant
  3. Angelic Heggins
    Angelic Heggins
  4. Johnkear Watts
    Johnkear Watts
  5. Yeshumnesh Wolde
    Yeshumnesh Wolde
  6. Renee Patterson
    Renee Patterson
    Teacher Assistant


Below are downloadable PDF files of the Child Development Center's required documents for admission. Please fill the forms out completely to ensure full servicing during the review processes. For questions or concerns dealing with the application contact Ms. Camelia Miller at 202-387-2986 or

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